Time to try something new

Having experienced my first taste of regularity timing on the Cotswold Historic, a regularity 12 Car seemed a good chance to learn a bit more.

Matt had said he never wanted to do regularity (!), but he was happy to do an event as a one off to give me the chance to try it. A fairly early start for a Sunday saw us head over to Bury St Edmunds and I’d bought and or/prepped the necessary; Matt already had a GPS tripmeter and I had speed tables, some new stopwatches and instructions and help from Gavin.

My biggest concern was what to do if I needed to adjust the time (i.e. calculating our arrival time), and/or I didn’t spot when the marshal stopped their clock – or if I forgot when we were due to change speeds! Whilst I knew what to do in theory, I wasn’t convinced that in reality in the car, I’d manage it.

The route was all pre plot which really helped (and crews all double checked their maps with each other at the start) and the first control seemed to go very well – clean, or 0 seconds. The second control was ok too, at 7 early, but then we started to slip a little more (20e 20e 11e 31e 23e 11e).

With the benefit of hindsight, I think this could be to do with using a GPS tripmeter and I should have realised we were consistently early and adjusted our times accordingly. However, the organisers had a class for those with GPS trips and a class for those with normal/traditional tripmeters and I was really pleased to finish the event 1st in class and 4th overall.

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