Double driving at Kemble

I’d never driven at a Targa Rally at Kemble, but have driven on an autosolo and navved as course car on a historic and competitively on targa rallies. This was a single venue event and part of the ASWMC targa championship, so I’d entered navigating for Mike Thomas and also as a driver with Rob Thomson alongside. Rob hadn’t competed on a targa before but I’d persuaded him to marshal on both the Exmoor and the Bath Festival, so it was good to give him the chance to try one.

I was driving first with Rob alongside, and we got around ok with a couple of pauses to ensure we went the right way. Then it was my turn to nav for Mike. We were about half way through the test, hit a bit of a bump and something was clearly wrong. It turned out the top arm in situ adjustment had ripped the thread out (or in simpler terms, the suspension arm was damaged and we had a wonky wheel!). Less than two minutes into the rally, and we retired.

As a driver the day was a little better. Kemble tests are very busy with lots for Rob to call and code boards and passage checks as well. We had a wrong side of a cone in the afternoon (20 second penalty) and finished 4th in class and 7th overall.

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