Stage rallying the rebuilt Micra

After issues on Clacton (new diff and alternator required) and lots of work by Matt, Muriel was back up and running a little over a month after breaking on Clacton. It was my turn to drive her and it was off to Down Ampney, a venue I’ve competed at a few times on stage rallies both driving and co-driving.

On SS3 I thought I had wheel spin, just the once, whilst using up some old worn Hankooks; I thought perhaps I was too heavy with my right foot. On SS4 I knew it wasn’t with the clutch repeatedly slipping… it was a new clutch too.

This event was the longest of the three run at Down Ampney, being ten stages and 75 miles. It wasn’t quite the day I had hoped for, but still a useful exercise as it required a new driving style to nurse her home and really made me think about my driving and adapt to the situation. We finished, 7th in class out of 13 finishers / 19 starters, but one of those days where finishing felt an achievement in itself, with many retirements and our own issues to manage! Never quit…

It was an enjoyable sociable day servicing with friends, but clearly now more work to be done. We don’t have any plans for Muriel for a few months so now time to get to the bottom of the issue.

Videos from the event are available here; SS4, SS10.

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