Sprinting at North Weald

We normally do at least one sprint at North Weald a year, but the car we use varies. For this event it was the MGZR, which was somewhat feisty and rather tail happy!

I was a couple of seconds off the pace in practice, but sitting comfortably mid class. There were four timed runs, and I consistently improved, still sitting mid class but a little off Matt. I went out for my final timed run and improved my 1.02 seconds (my greatest improvement of the day) but it wasn’t quite enough – I finished 0.05 seconds (five hundredths) behind Matt – agonisingly close!

We finished 4th and 5th in class (out of 10), both beaten by an S2000, Fiesta ST and an Integra.

A comparison of mine and Matt’s best runs can be seen here. Whilst my best time came on my final run, Matt’s was on timed run two (out of four); he was red flagged halfway through his initial second timed run due to a broken down car on the course and so had a re-run. Even he said if he hadn’t had that re-run, who knows what the result could have been!

Photos by Nick Cook.

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