Autotesting and BBQ’ing

Autotesting and BBQ’ing… two things which go well together!

Oxford MC have, for many years, run a summer autotest with a BBQ. It’s not just any old BBQ; the Blackwells make the effort to purchase meat from their local butcher, make all the chutneys, salads and accompaniments themselves, and many items of produce have been homegrown on their allotment. They cook everything on the day, and it’s all included in the entry fee (which is no higher than other events) – what an effort!

We hadn’t done the event for a number of years, and the only thing missing was the weather. Someone had missed the memo that the end of July should be warm and sunny, and instead whilst the first few crews got dry runs, for most the event was held in heavy rain. The ground was best described as a mud bath, and the marshals, whilst suitably attired, couldn’t help but get a little damp.

At first the tests tackled were all about keeping momentum and going forwards, not sideways, but by late afternoon with very muddy conditions just keeping going and not getting stuck was the name of the game. Despite the weather it was an enjoyable event, just a little more sun next year would be appreciated by all!