Back to Debden

Having competed on the Debden Targa in May with Cath Woodman, we teamed up again for Chelmsford’s October event, with me driving the MG (and Cath navigating) and Cath driving the BMW (and me navigating).

We’d had good pace in the MG back in May and the first loop of tests felt as if they went well. I was running better tyres compared to May, and my times seemed ok with fairly clean runs – and no code boards at this event, which was good as it flowed better. There were a couple of “not as map” bits on the first loop of tests and it was reassuring to get back to the paddock and find friends had found the same, as we’d hesitated a couple of times to ensure we went the right way, rather than the potential of big penalties for a wrong route!

We had a clean run round in the BMW (bar one cone we found) and then it was time for me to drive again. Pushing on, I’d find the back end would just snap a bit at times but we got through with some quicker times and were finding our rhythm, and had another good run in the BMW.

After lunch, things were switched around so Cath drove first and I drove second. We had a spin in the MG but otherwise nothing in either seat to really comment on. We were going well, although we weren’t sitting as high up as we had in May, but it felt quick and I was relatively happy with how things were going and my driving and navigating. We finished the day 17th in class, 24th overall in the MG and 12th in class, 51st overall in the MG – good results with 77 starters and a strong field.

Photos by M&H Photography.


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