2022 Results and notable events

All events with Matt Endean unless otherwise stated.

7th January – Boundless 12 Car – 2nd in class, 6th overall (driving)

19th February – Bath Festival Targa Rally – 7th in class, 8th overall (navigating)

6th March – March Hare Testing Trial – 4th in class, 28th overall

3rd April – York MC, North Yorkshire Classic – DNF (navigating for Claire Gillies)

6th April – Oxford MC, Butch Cassidy 12 Car – 2nd in class, 3rd overall (navigating)

23rd/24th April – Chelmsford MC, Corbeau Seats Tendring and Clacton Stage Rally – 1st in class, 59th overall (co-driving)

8th May – Bath MC, Kemble Targa Rally – 4th in class, 7th overall (driving in the Clubman event, with Rob Thomson navigating) and DNF (navigating for Mike Thomas)

22nd May – Wickford AC, Debden Targa Rally – 8th in class, 11th overall (driving) and DNF (navigating), both with Cath Woodman

28th May – EMCOS Red Dragon IT Stage Rally, Down Ampney – 7th in class, 33rd overall (driving)

18th June – Chelmsford MC East Anglian Classic – 4th in class, 6th overall (navigating for Gavin Rogers)

24th July – Green Belt MC North Weald Sprint – 4th in class, 23rd overall

7th August – Ross & District Motor Sports Club, Hatsford Targa Rally – 1st in class, 2nd overall