About Suze

Suze is a member of Chelmsford Motor Club, Tavern Motor Club and South Oxon Car Club. She holds both an Interclub Rally and Interclub Race Licence, as well as being a Motorsport UK licensed Stage Rally National Clerk of the Course, Motorsport UK registered Safeguarding Officer and Motorsport UK registered Rally and Cross Country Marshal (Grade 3, Stage Commander and Event Official).

Suze started competing during the 2007 season and has competing in car trials, circuit racing, sprints, autotests, autosolos, gymkhanas, targa rallies, autocross, scatters, 12 Cars, targa rallies, endurance rallies, road rallies, stage rallies and other disciplines. Having grown up around motorsport and spectating as a child, being taken to race meetings from an early age saw Suze pick up the bug for motor sport. She first joined a motor club in 2006 when she joined Sevenoaks & District Motor Club, and shortly afterwards she joined the committee as Press & PR Co-ordinator before taking over editing the club magazine in 2009.

Starting off marshalling, Suze decided she wanted to compete herself and started with a car trial before competing on a sprint the following weekend. Lots of events followed, with a wide variety of motorsport disciplines, with some times as many as six events in four weeks. Having started off driving, Suze also learnt to navigate and co-drive on a variety of events as well as volunteering in various roles including marshalling, Entries Secretary, Media Officer and more.

By 2009, Suze decided to concentrate on a championship rather than doing lots of different events. The Chelmsford Motor Club 12 Car Championship was decided upon, with the aim of winning the class. Driving, navigating and marshalling that year went well and Suze managed to win the championship overall! By this time, “Muriel,” a Nissan Micra had been purchased for events, as previously Suze had been using her everyday road car to compete in at weekends as well. Muriel was purchased to compete on The Preston in 2008 and having survived, was built into an Endurance spec car which Suze entered into The Endurance Road Rally Championship in 2010 for the first time, as well as the ASEMC Car Trial Championship.

2011 saw another season of concentrating on the Endurance Road Rally Championship, but the number of events Suze competed on dropped in order to save and raise the money needed to make Muriel stage rally spec that year. The Endurance Road Rally Championship went well with a 10th overall finish on The Great Bustard the highlight, and finishing 12th overall in the Championship, taking home the Best Lady award for the year. A top ten Championship finish had been the aim, but issues on the final round dashed championship hopes.

By July 2011, Muriel was built and logbooked and Suze drove on her first stage rally in September 2011, the Hutton Kitchens Woodbridge Stages. Now, Muriel has been used on car trials, scatters, 12 Cars, road rallies, endurance rallies, sprints, autocross, stage rallies, targa rallies, autotests, autosolos and successfully completed Wales Rally GB in 2013 and 2014, featuring several times on BT Sport during the 2014 event. Suze’s best results driving Muriel on stage rallies including multiple 2nd in class finishes as well as winning the ACSMC Championship outright as a driver (central south regional championship).

Over the years, Suze has competed in a number of cars both as a driver and co-driver, including various Rover 214s, MG ZR, VW Golf, a Peugeot 106, Peugeot 205, Peugeot 206, Honda Civic, Mazda Eunos, Nissan Sunny, Vauxhall Nova, classic Mini, Reliant Scimitar, Ford Escorts and more.

Muriel is in full Road Rally and Stage Rally specification, with the necessary safety modifications (roll cage, seats, harnesses, plumbed in extinguisher) etc. Muriel has Spax all round adjustable forest spec suspension, upgraded brakes, various Group A parts including Cams, Airbox and Exhaust and is running a 1348cc Nissan Micra engine. Muriel started life as a humble family run around, and was purchased as a standard road car for £400 from eBay.