Second in class at the MCAC AutoSOLO

Bovingdon is one of the closest venues we can compete at, but I think I’ve only been there once before. Due to noise/planning restrictions at the venue, the events run from 0900 – 1300 and unfortunately on previous occasions I’ve always been off to football or had other commitments. However, a windy Saturday in August meant I finally got back there.

Matt and I were double driving the MG ZR but were in different classes, as the club does it slightly differently and splits classes into experience rather than engine size. The first test had sections where the venue is also used as a skid pan, and it was quite an understeering experience.

Things seemed to be going ok and whilst I was off the pace on the first test, Matt and I were trading times after that. Some people hadn’t read the rules on tyres and I was pleased to find I was ahead of them as they were running 1Bs (which definitely do give an advantage!).

The organisers take less entries but run just as many tests as a more traditional full day event, so whilst everything was finished by 1pm it still felt like a busy and enjoyable time competing. I finished 2nd in class, 8th overall and just pipped Matt, so a great result for me!

Videos of the various tests with me driving can be found on YouTube.

There are lots but try; video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5, video 6, video 7 or video 8.