Starting 2020 on New Year’s Day

Having bought the red Rover 25 in 2019 for a few Car Trial events, a New Year’s Day Car Trial seemed a good way to start the year with Matt and I both driving.

We found a little cottage locally to rent for a very reasonable rate and headed to Suffolk. The start time of the event was not too early either, which helped for a gentle start to the day.

The venue was more favourable for us compared to our previous Car Trial in the Rover; we were not bottoming / grinding out and getting stuck and beached as much as we had been previously. Having a car that was specifically for trialling is great as we really did not have to worry about any damage to the car or needing to drive home in it!

Whilst our results may not have been spectacular, we had a fun day and are grateful for these photos shared by the organisers.

The Rover 25 is going to get stripped for spares now and sold, but we had fun in it for a few months. Let’s see what happens next!