Starting 2022 with a 12 Car

A little over a week after my last event of 2021, it was time to start 2022! Matt is often away with work at this time of year, but not this time so it meant we could get out on the Boundless 12 Car.

The event was using the mobile phone based rally app, significantly reducing the number of marshals needed. I had used this in October 2020 but Matt hadn’t, and for this event I was driving with him on the maps.

The event didn’t get off to the best start when we arrived at the start location, over an hour from home, and Matt discovered he had left the map on the sofa! Thankfully, one of the organisers had a spare (that didn’t have the route on it) and so we were able to participate. The organisers had been clever and arranged a short walking route near the start pub, so people could try the app and see how it worked and get used to the different buttons etc. The main organiser was also at the first control, to see how people were getting on and offer help.

The route used was very good for a 12 Car, with mud and ice adding to the challenge. We felt we were going ok, but unfortunately on the penultimate section we picked up a puncture which cost us time to change. We finished 2nd in class and 6th overall.