Can I still drive?

After the “can I still navigate?” question, exactly a month to the day after the car accident I was due to be out on the Chelmsford MC Targa Rally. I’d missed some other events due to not being up to driving such as the Bovingdon Autosolo. Again, I took medical advice and got told to give it a go, not put my life on hold and to listen to my body on the day. Those that know me know I can be a little bit stubborn, and so there was no way I was going to tell Matt if it hurt. I had heat packs, I had ice, I wanted to give it a go.

First up it was time for me to navigate for Matt. Did it hurt? Yes. Then it was my turn to drive. Did it hurt? Yes. I was concerned that sub-consciously I wouldn’t have the ability to  “go for it” but my times were respectable and being back out in the car felt good.

I don’t remember any particularly high, or low, points of the day. I remember mainly trying to ignore the pain and manage it and look after myself whilst trying to get to the finish. Ice really has been my best friend and (surprisingly) given me greater comfort than heat, and icing after tests really helped. I’d not had anywhere near as much seat time in the MG, so to be competitive in class and finish up second was pleasing. My confidence was definitely lacking a little in the first loop, but as the day wore on I got more comfortable in the car and enjoyed being back competing. I’ve missed many targas in 2017 mainly through work, so hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to be out more next year.

Thanks to M&H Photography for the images.