Autotesting at Brands Hatch

Following the recent Witney autotest, we entered the Brands Hatch evening autotest.

The event started off dry but then it started to rain a little. My times seemed good, and I realised I was leading Matt. It was one of those days where I and the car just clicked, she felt like she was dancing, she was doing everything I wanted her to and I also knew what she was going to do. Driving days like this are bliss!

It can always be a little bit tight to get around the tests at Brands Hatch due to the strict 8pm curfew, and we lost time as we were told we could not run the tyres we turned up on (despite them being allowed in the event regulations etc!). This meant we had to change and Matt and I didn’t get to do all of our runs, which was three attempts at each test and the best two times to count. This didn’t help, and unfortunately on the last run of the last test (where I didn’t get another go) Matt just pipped me to the class win. I was disappointed, but two seconds difference over eight minutes of driving is close.


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