A midweek 12 Car

Oxford MC were once again running one of their midweek 12 Cars, and we entered with Matt driving and myself in the left hand seat.

They were running slightly different classes for this one compared to previously and the navigation was a little harder. One section involved map tracings (I don’t carry tracing paper) and they were ok to translate but took a little time.

We seemed to be going ok, there were a lot of code boards but we managed to clean some sections and only drop a little time on others. We were given an odd time at one control but we tried to reassure ourselves that it would be the same for other crews too! Spotting code boards should always be on the driver, but there were a couple in the verge which Matt missed and I just managed to spot, so some good teamwork.

We finished the night with all code boards but having dropped a little time, meaning we finished 2nd in class and 3rd overall which was a good result.

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