Navigating for a new driver

In a moment of potential madness, I agreed to enter another 12 Car. The main challenge was this time it started on the other side of Colchester…

Luis Gutierrez-Diaz was looking for a navigator and I was thinking about it. A bad run on the Boundless 12 Car had me hesitate, slightly, but it’s always better to get back on the horse asap. A new map was needed, and with some Percy Pigs in hand it was time to head to Essex.

Luis and I had never competed together before and having scrutineered and signed on, we adjusted my belts and then it was time to head off. The first section was relatively straight forward, and so it went on, and on. A navigation section relating to “Greens” had me briefly flummoxed and we dropped a couple of minutes, but things seemed to be going ok. We were working well as a crew, enjoying sweets and hadn’t got lost.

By the time we got to the finish, we felt like it had gone ok. It turned out we had missed a couple of boards through missing a couple of small loops, and missed a couple of boards despite being on the correct route – frustrating! It was an enjoyable event, and one to build on for the future.


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