Snow interruptions, lunch sessions and back to long weekend training time…

Everywhere has recently had snow. It’s been all over the news, so there’s been no escape from seeing it or hearing about it! The snow gave us an extra 27 or so hours in Ireland as our flight was cancelled, and then delayed. It also meant my end of week Irish training sessions didn’t take place because of a mixture of the conditions (we were in a red, don’t go out anywhere area) as well as it being rather deep snow.

Now I’m back home, lunchtime 5ks are back on again. It being the weekend has also meant time for a long session. It was “only” 11.2km yesterday; in the past I would have though that was a huge distance, but with the context of a marathon, it’s not at all! I’d planned to go further but I’d managed to get a last minute/cancellation sports massage appointment which I desperately needed, and I also needed sleep after a long and busy week, and it was a case of 11.2km was better than nothing at all.

Whilst the distance wasn’t quite as far as I wanted, I felt much better than when I’d recently done 13km and I could have kept going if only I’d had more time/was quicker so I’m trying to take the positives from that.

I’ve received a couple more donations over the weekend and I’m hugely grateful for everybody’s support. It’s crazy to think there’s only six weeks to go!

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