From 5k to 5 miles!

The training plan I’m following for the marathon has two short runs a week, with a long run at weekends. The current long runs at weekend are time rather than distance based, but due to my interval-ing and slow speed I shall always be aiming for distance.

The week two long run was a time of 65 minutes, so definitely the longest I’ve done to date! I had in my head that I wanted to reach 5 miles, which was a reasonable increase on the 5k I’ve achieved so far as my shorter training distances. I didn’t manage that within the 65 minutes, but I did reach the 5 miles.

The key thing for me was that it felt comfortable and didn’t feel too much of a step up from having just reached 5k. Yes, I’m still mostly power walking with some jogging but the jogging is increasing and I’m building up the miles in my legs, which is what is needed!

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Second training 5k

Having completed my first 5k on Friday, I wanted to try 5k again on Monday lunchtime. I completed the distance on Friday but had a few aches afterwards and wasn’t fully keen on the route – doubling up a couple of bits of it to up the distance wasn’t ideal and I wanted to find a better loop.

My idea of “finding a better route” doesn’t involve anything useful like looking at a map, just a sense of distance and heading out with my trainers on! Aside from having to do 150m in the wrong direction and double back (which I got wrong, as I ended up doing 5.1km but that’s what you get for my random approach!) it worked much better.

It’s funny how much I’m enjoying getting out and about, and again a lunchtime session was just enough to break up the working day and the fact I’ve got time to do 5k, have a quick shower and bite to eat and get back to work is brilliant.

I’m still not quick at all; I know people will be almost doing 10k in my 5k time. But for me, the key thing is I’m getting out there and doing it having previously done nothing. I’ve been told I have collapsed arches and I tried some insoles today to deal with that. The result was I couldn’t jog because it caused shin pain, so perhaps they are not the solution.

In terms of PBs, I was two seconds of my 1km best time but I took quite a bit off my average pace per km (19 seconds quicker per km than Friday) but I also felt much better when I got back. Working away this week will make things harder, but I plan to be out on Saturday and hopefully to squeeze in a session ideally on Wednesday evening.

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Training – my first 5k!

Training for the London Marathon started before Christmas, but I’d not done more than 2k/3k every other day to build up some miles in my legs having gone from doing absolutely nothing. People talk about doing Park Runs and the like but having only ever done one 5k in my life, back in 2010, I knew I needed to up my distance and see what time I could do i.e. would I be last/keeping everyone from going home if I go to do a Park Run!

Friday lunchtime I decided was time to tackle 5k and see if I could do it. I’m still power walking with some limited jogging intervals, because going from nothing to marathon distance is a bit of an ask! I knew I’d head out towards the train station and new estate, but I didn’t quite get the route right with a bit of doubling back on myself to up the distance. I found the park and river paths still flooded which was a shame, because they are good to use.

It wasn’t the best time in the world at all, but to have got out there and done 5k was pleasing. Plan is to rest Saturday and Sunday, and do 5k again on Monday!

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Why am I tackling the London Marathon?

Why is someone who doesn’t work out anywhere near enough and loves sport but isn’t particularly active tackling the London Marathon?

I will be undertaking the marathon to raise money for Marie Curie.

In 2009, my Father in Law Mike was told he had terminal cancer and had a very short time left (less than two weeks). Matt and I were engaged at the time, and with thanks to a huge number of people from friends, family and strangers, and particularly to Sarah Manston who told us we could do it/gave us the info needed, we arranged our wedding in 24 hours. It was more important for us to have our close family there if possible, than to have the “big white wedding.” We were married on 19th August 2009, and sadly Mike passed away three days later.

Mike had decided he wanted to be at home for his last days, but there was a point where extra support was needed and that’s when Marie Curie stepped in. Their support was invaluable, and quite simply for that reason I want to raise funds for them to help support others who find themselves in a similar situation. Marie Curie provide help and support to those with terminal illness, we all hope we won’t need them but if we do, it’s vital help and support is there for those in need.

Those close to me know “our story,” and some people spot we have two sets of wedding photographs (where I have two white dresses, and different coloured hair!) but this is the first time I’ve really spoken about it. It’s important to me, but it’s not something I’ve ever felt the need to discuss but having decided to tackle the marathon now is the time!

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Suze Marathon


London Marathon 2018!

It’s 2018, and what does that mean? It’s the year I’ll be tackling the London Marathon, for Marie Curie!

Training is underway, but I’ve kept things quiet until now and could count on one hand the number of people who knew until just a few days ago.

Like many people I have a bucket list, and it is somewhat varied. A marathon has always sort of been on there, but as my family and friends will know working out isn’t high on my agenda; motor sport, football, baking and other activities always appear first.

I applied through the ballot for the marathon without success, and found you can apply for charity places. Quite simply, I would only apply for a charity which had a personal meaning for me and Marie Curie supported us when my Father in Law was ill.

I applied, and heard nothing, until a phone call one afternoon; I thought it was a prank call, but it was true; Marie Curie offered me a place!

The long and short of it is I said yes. Now being realistic, I won’t be running all 26.2 miles and some purists or those focussed on time will have their opinion on that. For me, I simply want to complete the distance whilst raising as much money for charity as possible.

At the moment, it’s about training every other day and building up miles in my legs having gone from no exercise/distance to training for a marathon. I’ve been surprised how much I’ve enjoyed it and just getting out. There’s a tough 16/17 weeks ahead, but it will be worth it! (Incase anybody wonders, I have had medical sign-off to do this, especially after the October car accident. Given I’m going for a finish not a time I’ve been told I can go for it).

I’ll be keeping my website up to date with my training as well as social media (Twitter, Instagram) but for now, thank you for reading. All support is gratefully received!

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