Post marathon thoughts, and a difficult decision

It’s been a month and a day since the London Marathon, and lots has happened since!

I mentioned in my post about the London Marathon itself that the organisers have been in touch as part of their investigation into conditions for slower runners, and I’m interested to see the outcome. I do think there needs to be cut offs and if you’re going to be outside that you cannot expect all facilities to be in place, but people should feel safe and be treated with dignity and respect.

Since the marathon, I’m slightly ashamed to say I haven’t trained at all. Pushing on through the cold/virus definitely took a toll on me and left me rather under the weather that week. However, aside from that, physically I was walking like normal by Tuesday and you simply wouldn’t have known I’d finished a marathon two days earlier. That was in contrast to 2018, so I hope that’s a sign that the varied and harder training paid off!

The virus has lingered so whilst I’ve been working and doing “normal things,” I haven’t felt quite at full fitness hence having not trained. It also led to me having to make a difficult decision, with a place for the Vitality 10k on Bank Holiday Monday (27th May). I did the event last year and loved it, and always planned to do it as one of three events for Dementia Revolution in 2019. However, the combination of a very long day at work at Silverstone on Saturday, the lingering virus and a busy and important week ahead led me to make the difficult decision to withdraw.

Those who know me well will know this was not an easy decision, and one I didn’t make lightly. However, I’ve not always been best at putting myself first but I really needed to. There will be more events, and I just have to accept that unfortunately this one wasn’t meant to be.

I plan to get back to training in June, and I’m sure I’ll find plenty to keep me busy. Until then, I’m going to enjoy my achievements this year!

If you’d like to sponsor me for the London Landmarks Half Marathon and the London Marathon 2019 for Dementia Revolution, you can do so here.


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