Marathon silly season starts…

Marathon silly season; I found this last year and hated it, and I hate it again this year. Marathon silly season is the name I give to the period not too long before the marathon where you are absolutely determined not to get injured/ill etc, but something silly means you do. In my case, it was twisting around in the bathroom; cue a twisted ankle that hurt and didn’t like weight bearing; great!

A combination of that and a very busy weekend (the Bath Festival Targa/getting in at 0230 and a busy Sunday being out and about) meant I delayed my long slow run to Monday morning, with the idea being to go before work. It helped with my ankle too which wasn’t right but was slowly getting better. I set an early alarm, but I knew I was tired and hey presto, I slept through it…!

I still got out, but I only managed 8km (5 miles); better than nothing but not quite what I had planned. I know sessions are going to be really hard as I’m about to go away for work for a week and I’ve seen the schedule; it’s packed, and I think if I’m lucky my best opportunity will be working out in my room! Really not ideal, but I’m a little stuck at the moment for options.

If you’d like to sponsor me for the London Landmarks Half Marathon and the London Marathon 2019 for Dementia Revolution, you can do so here.

You can also watch a short video I’ve put together here.


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