Sunny Wethersfield Targa

The Wethersfield Targa was one of a few “what ifs?” for us both… which of course is always part and parcel of motor sport! Once again we were out double driving in the MG ZR.

Our first targa of the year took place on a swelteringly hot day at Wethersfield, which ended up being a little more than the car could handle. In 2017, we’d had some issues with the car (fuel) overheating. Matt had worked to try and combat these issues but it was a case of not knowing if it had worked until the next time we were double driving on a hot day…

Wethersfield gives a mix of tarmac and gravel, and I enjoy the mix (and think Andy of M&H Photography got some good photos to show for it!). For the first loop of tests, Matt drove first and I drove second, and then vice versa for the second loop. My morning loop was fine, bar a couple of cone penalties, but unfortunately for Matt the fuel vaporisation issues started just as we got to the final two tests of the morning loop. This meant he picked up maximums and he dropped from 11th overall to 22nd overall; thankfully though, just back into the paddock in time.

Our afternoons were fairly uneventful, and for Matt it was a case of trying to claw back as many places as possible whilst I tried to pick up the pace having slipped back a little. There were no real dramas or anything to speak of (other than the fuel issue reappearing just as we completed the tests), and we finished 9th in class, 15th overall with me navigating and 6th in class, 25th overall with me driving. For now, it’s time to try and figure out what else we can do to the car… The problems reappeared at the end of the day so thanks to those who helped us with the car so we could drive home.

Photos thanks to M&H Photography.


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